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OEMs, Replicas & Aftermarket Wheels:

What's the difference?


When you are in the market for wheels for your car, the sheer number of choices out there can make your shopping experience very confusing. To make your selection process easier, we will now break down the entire world of wheels into three basic types, and explain the differences between them. Let’s go!

OEM Wheels

OEM is an acronym that stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” What it means is that any part that is identified as OEM has been installed on a vehicle produced at the factory. OEM parts have been specified for a specific vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer, and these parts are required to work with all of the other related parts on that vehicle. OEM parts that are on the vehicle at the time of delivery are covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty. This is proof that OEM wheels are built to the same quality level as all the other parts of the car.

When you replace your old or damaged OEM wheels with our OEM wheels, you are assured of having the same wheels that the designers of your vehicle intended it to have. Our OEM wheels are the same size, look the same, and have the identical measurements, specifications, and quality as your original wheels. This means that if you are replacing, say, just one or two or even all four wheels, our OEM wheels will match what is now on your vehicle - at a fraction of the cost. 

Replica Wheels

Replica wheels are virtually identical copies of OEM wheels, instead of being made by the car manufacturer - these wheels are made by independent manufacturers. We call them “New Replacement” wheels on our site, since these are brand new wheels. Our new replacement wheels give you the exact look and feel of the original OEM wheels and many people prefer new replicas over new OEMs as they tend to be more affordable.

It's important to only purchase replica wheels that undergo the same tests and certifications as OEM wheels. Here at, all of our wheels are JWL, VIA, ISO9001, QS9000, and TS16949 Certified. Our manufacturers have a consistent track record of producing quality reproductions that are a match to OEMs. The size, shape, contour, structural rigidity, materials, and finish of our replicas are so close to an OEM, only an expert in wheels can truly tell the difference.

Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket wheels are similar to replica wheels, in that they are produced by independent wheel-making companies. But in terms of design, aftermarket wheels give you a whole new universe to choose from, one that goes way beyond what the original manufacturer thought looked best.

You can select aftermarket wheels in a variety of sizes and styles. You can fit wheels that are a larger diameter and are also wider than your OEM wheels. Aftermarket wheels can give your vehicle a truly unique look, one that will definitely stand out from others of its type that wear OEM wheels.

Just as with replica wheels, you need to select aftermarket wheels made by a reputable manufacturer, and determine whether the wheels will fit your specific car. If you are changing your wheel size and width, you must be certain that these new wheels will fit your wheel hubs, and will not rub against your wheel wells, fenders, or suspension parts. This becomes an even more complex issue if you also plan to lower your car on its suspension.

We Are Here To Help You Pick The Right Wheels

Whichever type of wheels you need (or even if you’re not sure), we at are focused on your complete satisfaction. Contact us by sending a message through our website, or call us at (516) 766-6600, between 8:00am and 6:00pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

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